21 Nov – 27 Nov

University of Sussex

University of Sussex

Outreach Programme: University of Sussex

Aiming to raise awareness and facilitate a better understanding of East and Southeast Asian queer communities amongst the young generation, Queer East has teamed up with the School of Media, Arts and Humanities at University of Sussex to present a special curated online programme exclusively for the students in the school. By screening films that students might not otherwise get a chance to see, this collaborative event will encourage them to explore diverse perspectives and exchange ideas on LGBTQ+ topics, and highlight the power of storytelling and filmmaking.

The programme features A Dog Barking at the Moon, the Teddy Jury Award-winning film from the Berlinale 2019, alongside a masterclass with the film’s director Zi Xiang, and producer José Val Bal. It also presents a curated selection of six short films made by emerging filmmakers from China, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and the Philippines.


A Dog Barking at the Moon
Saturday 21 to Friday 27 November 2020
Upon returning to China, pregnant writer Xiaoyu Huang is immediately drawn into her parents’ longstanding conflicts. Caught between her reticent gay father and her cult-obsessed mother, Xiaoyu finds herself overwhelmed by their years of resentment and secrets. Winner of the Teddy Jury Award at the 2019 Berlinale, Zi Xiang’s debut feature is a sensitive study of a man’s homosexuality from the perspective of his daughter and wife.

Masterclass with Zi Xiang and José Val Bal
Wednesday 25 November 2020, 5pm UK time

Shorts Selection
Saturday 21 to Friday 27 November 2020

Chromosome Sweetheart (Honami Yano, Japan 2017)
An ex-couple in a café. A girl sucking on her girlfriend’s hair. A running woman. A child walking by the river. This animation explores love in all its diversity.

The Summer of 12 (Kuan-Ling Kuo, Taiwan 2019)
Amongst the young members of a swimming team, the onset of early puberty begins to turn innocent camaraderie into something more intimate.

Geography Lessons (Petersen Vargas, Philippines 2014)
Tib, guided by a map made for him by his best friend, retraces the memories of their friendship before leaving their hometown for good.

Momo (Yunjoo Chang, South Korea 2016)
Sohee is given custody of Momo, the cat she shared with her ex-girlfriend Areum, but this creates tension with her new girlfriend Yujin.

Military Dog (Ping-Wen Wang, Taiwan 2018)
New to BDSM, young military officer Lee Jun-Zhong must complete a risky task in order to prove his loyalty to his master. But can he overcome his doubts and fear to face his inner desires?

The Drum Tower (Popo Fan, China 2019)
In ever-changing Beijing, an introverted student and a transgender shop-owner try to break through a wall and head to a new place.

These online screenings and events are free and exclusive to students at the University of Sussex. Students will receive an email with registration details, and must sign up with their university email address in order to receive viewing and access codes.