18 Apr – 17 May



QE: HomeSexual – Shorts 3: Made in Taiwan

Four films about gay life and queer desire in Taiwan offer a unique snapshot of the island’s cultural landscape.

Gentleman Spa
Dir Jhi-Han Yu | Taiwan | 2019 | 18 min
Hao works as a janitor at a gay spa. One day, he chats with Kai, an attractive customer, but things do not go as expected.

Dir Kien-Hui Lian | Taiwan | 2011 | 32 min
A gay teenager prepares for his graduation theatre performance, as he struggles to come out to his mother, who is helping him craft his performance.

100 Apples
Dir Jia-Yao Wang | Taiwan | 2014 | 28 min
Teenager Yi-Chieh considers what anniversary gift to give his girlfriend, as he develops an unusually intimate friendship with his art teacher, Cheng-Chi.

Dir Yan-Xun Li / Origin Sun Studio | Taiwan | 2017 | 15 min
Hai, a boy who was born and raised on a small island, has a taboo relationship with Tai, a sailor whose ship regularly docks at the harbour.

Total running time: 94 min

With thanks to Jhi-Han Yu, Kien-Hui Lian, Jia-Yao Wang, Yan-Xun Li and Origin Sun Studio (源日工作室). Part of Focus Taiwan series.

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