18 Apr – 17 May



QE: HomeSexual – Small Talk

Taiwanese filmmaker Hui-chen Huang’s mother Anu keeps quiet about why she got married and had children, given that she is a lesbian and out to her friends. After her husband’s suicide, Anu raised Huang and her sister by working in a group that performed mourning rituals at funerals. In her intimate, Teddy Award–winning documentary, Huang dismantles her mother’s secrecy and reveals a painful and surprising past. In a series of uncomfortable, intense encounters, the filmmaker exposes the lives of three generations of Taiwanese women, showcasing how film can act as a catalyst for confession, atonement, and change.

Dir Hui-Chen Huang | Taiwan | 2016 | 88 min | Documentary

With thanks to Hui-Chen Huang. Part of Focus Taiwan series.

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