05 Oct – 18 Oct



Shorts: Gods and/or Monsters

Queer East takes its first virtual visit to Scotland, in partnership with Scottish Queer International Film Festival, presenting a wild programme of six short films that give a glimpse into just some of what East and Southeast Asian queer cinema have to offer. Showcasing new and rediscovered works – and some things in between – it features daring touches of the supernatural, the horrific, the surreal, and the downright weird.

The Glamorous Boys of Tang
Dir Hui-Yu Su | Taiwan | 2018 | 15 min
Hui-Yu Su’s film captures a glitter-scattered, blood-splattered orgy, invoking scenes from the screenplay of the 1985 Taiwanese cult film Tang Chao Chi Li Nan that were not filmed due to budgetary restrictions and censorship.

Dir Kang-Chien Chiu | Taiwan | 1966 | 6 min
This experimental short features a caterpillar crawling on a wall, a naked man seemingly masturbating, poetic captions and stills of crucifixion-like poses. Considered lost for 52 years, Alienation was found and restored in 2019.

Echo Each Other
Dir Pin-Ru Chen | Taiwan | 2017 | 15 min
It’s difficult making the transition from being single to starting a relationship. So how should we cope? Echo Each Other abandons spoken dialogue, instead using sign and body language to silently communicate with the audience.

Reality Fragment 160921
Dir Qigemu – April Lin and Jasmine Lin | UK | 2017 | 14 min
The film follows two people in their process of reality-curation. How do their multiple lived worlds, each their own amalgamation of memories, sensations, and thoughts, coexist with presentations of distance, history, and totality?

Dir Cheng-Hsu Chung | Taiwan, UK | 2018 | 6 min
This animation presents a journey of sexuality, evoking the fantasies of freedom offered by gender fluidity, and developments in contemporary queer culture.

Kiss of the Rabbit God
Dir Andrew Thomas Huang | US | 2018 | 15 min
A Chinese-American restaurant worker falls in love with an 18th century Qing dynasty god, who visits him at night and leads him on a journey of sexual awakening and self-discovery.

Presented in partnership with Scottish Queer International Film Festival. With support from the Ministry of Culture (Taiwan) and Taiwan Film and Audiovisual Institute / Taiwan Docs.

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