24 May – 31 May



Taiwan’s Love Story, Two Years After Same-sex Marriage

On 24th May 2019, same-sex marriage officially became legal in Taiwan, making it the first – and to date, only – Asian country to do so. Over 5,000 same-sex couples have registered their unions since the law took effect. Marking the two-year anniversary of Taiwan’s landmark ruling, we are hosting a week-long online screening from 24 May to 31 May, featuring two documentaries, Taiwan Equals Love and The Shepherds, about Taiwan’s journey fighting to advance LGBTQ+ rights so far, and obstacles, challenges and hopes ahead.

Pay What You Can – you are welcome to use the code FIFTYOFF to receive 50% off the suggested rate of £2.99. If you would like to watch the films but are experiencing financial difficulty at the moment, please use the code CINEMAFORALL for free viewing.

Taiwan Equals Love 同愛一家

Featuring footage of protests that led to the passing of the law, Taiwan Equals Love focuses on three distinct couples, each with their own struggles as they stand with the LGBTQ+ community. Tien Ming and Ho Hsian have been together for thirty-seven years; old age and health issues have prompted them to seek to protect their relationship legally. Jovi and Mindy want to consolidate their family with daughter Miao-Miao, with the hopes that Mindy will one day to be able to be Miao-Miao’s legal parent as well. A-Gu, originally from Macau, struggles to stay in Taiwan due to limitations imposed by his foreign status, posing a considerable threat to his relationship with Hsinchi. All three relationships, in their own way, mirror the struggles that Taiwan has been through, but also reflect the hope for a better world.

Dir. Sophia Yen | Taiwan | 2020 | 85 min

The Shepherds 牧者

This documentary charts the struggles of LGBTQ+ Christians in Taiwan, and the challenges they face in making their voices heard. In 1996, a heterosexual female pastor founded the first Taiwanese church to affirm LGBTQ+ people, finally providing them with a safe haven. Today, while the founder has passed away, the church members continue to express their faith, and to confront social discrimination and institutional prejudice. But this comes at a high personal cost, with some living a precarious and desperate existence. Director Elvis Lu’s compassionate film captures the bravery and defiance of this religious community. In particular, it focuses on their role in challenging traditional notions of the family and advocating for marriage equality in Taiwan.

Dir. Elvis Lu | Taiwan | 2018 | 70 min

This programme is supported by the Ministry of Culture, Taiwan