24 (UK Premiere)

Royston Tan
Singapore, Thailand
76 min

Curzon Soho

25 May



Described by director Royston Tan as “a sound film that brings you to the past, present and future through the journey of a sound man”, 24 follows the journey of a deceased sound recordist through twenty-four diverse environments after his death. These include a forest, a theatre, a cinema, a temple, a cemetery, a truck carrying migrant workers, an apartment bathroom – and the set of a gay pornographic film. James Choong, a sound recordist in real life, plays the deceased ghost of himself as we follow his travels through multiple soundscapes, watching him collect the audio he needs in order to transcend. A hauntingly personal film by acclaimed director Tan, 24 is a work of compelling visual and sonic beauty, that reflects on what it means to hear life and death, time and space, and cinema itself.

This screening will be followed by an in-person Q&A with the director Royston Tan.

Royston Tan

Royston Tan is one of Singapore’s most prolific film directors. Following his landmark debut feature 15 (2003), Tan has found continued success with 4:30 (2006), 881 (2007), 12 Lotus (2008) and 3688 (2015). His short and feature films have garnered him over 80 awards from film festivals around the world.