Shorts: Provocations

The Horse Hospital

17 September



A programme of stylistically striking films about resilience and confrontation, showcasing the power of queer identity to challenge existing norms and break through boundaries.

Total Runtime: 106 min


Xia Qing has a hearing impairment and a deep love of dancing. When a rare opportunity arises to join a dance company, he seeks his mother’s approval by using the silent language of his fingertips.

Dir Yi-Ru Chen | China | 2019 | 19 min

How to Die Young in Manila

A teenage boy trails a group of young hustlers, thinking one of them may be his anonymous hook-up for the night. But as he makes his way across the city, the hustlers inexplicably appear as dead bodies strewn along the pavement.

Dir Petersen Vargas | Philippines | 2020 | 12 min

Soy Sauce

Marriage, especially between LGBT+ persons, is a means of securing one’s place in another country but can lead to inequalities and power conflicts. This film is about spatial territories, gastronomic practices, personal memories, camouflaged identities, and political resistance.

Dir Sarnt Utamachote | Germany | 2020 | 5 min

The First Conversation Between Frank and I

This video artwork explores complex issues of intimacy between a straight soldier and a gay artist. Frank was an army infantryman who aspires to become a model and an actor. After four months of online communication, he went AWOL to come and see the filmmaker in New York City.

Dir Ohm Phanphiroj | Thailand, USA | 2018 | 13 min

The Ant-Man

The Ant-Man is about the search for freedom, depicting the daily life of a homosexual man whose body is inhabited by ants.

Dir Viet Vu (Pham Quang Trung) | Vietnam | 2018 | 27 min

Red Aninsri; Or, Tiptoeing on the Still Trembling Berlin Wall

The queer espionage film made in the tradition of Cold War-era Thai dubbed film. A ladyboy prostitute-turned-spy is assigned a mission to impersonate a cisgender man, in order to investigate a student activist.

Dir Ratchapoom Boonbunchachoke | Thailand | 2020 | 30 min

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