Queer East

A fortnight series showcasing rarely seen LGBTQ+ cinema from East and Southeast Asia, echoing the city’s diverse voices. In London from 18 April to 2 May.

About Us

Queer East Film Festival brings East and Southeast Asian LGBTQ+ cinema to London with a fortnight of screenings and events from 18 April to 2 May, echoing the city’s diverse voices.

From classic films to recent releases, venues across the city will be showcasing with storytellers, activists, academics, and those who dare to challenge social norms, history, and the law in Asia.

LGBTQ+ rights have seen significant improvement across the world, but progress in Asia has been mixed. Landmark laws for same-sex marriages in Taiwan are a stark contrast to the stereotyping, discrimination and social oppression that still exists across the continent. Queer East is an opportunity to reflect on the progress as well as the obstacles that millions still face. We want everyone in the UK to be part of the discussion and celebrate diverse identities, cultures, and heritages of Asian and Asian diasporic communities who’ve often been excluded from mainstream discourse.

Queer East offers a rare chance to celebrate the rarely seen queer stories on screen and explore gender, sexuality and what it means to be Asian and queer today through a programme that highlights the 50-year making of queer cinema in Asia.


Festival Director & Programmer

Yi Wang

Academic Consultant

Christopher Brown

PR Consultant

Mel Paramasivan

Lead Visual Designer

Xinhao Cao

Festival Team

Chia-Wei Tung
Cheng-Yu Tan

Web Developer

Josh Watts / Outpost Studio

Festival Trailer - Music

阿爆(阿仍仍)feat. DJ Didilong 李英宏
Elevenz Music 十一音樂

Festival Trailer - Editing

Joe Lee 李曜辰


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