Queer East Film Festival works with partners of all sizes, across all sectors, who share a passion for film and believe in the power of cinema.

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As a non-profit project, Queer East relies largely on our sponsors and supporters to continue to deliver London’s most dedicated East and Southeast Asian LGBTQ+ film festival.

If you are a brand, organisation or individual who would like to support the festival and explore potential collaborations. Please contact Yi Wang to discuss partnership opportunities.

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Adriana Rosati, Alex Davidson, Alexander Karotsch, Amber Weifen Wu, Andrew Heskins, Annabel Grundy, Antonio Zappulla, Becky Ding, Berwyn Rowlands, Bi-Yu Chang, Caroline Hennigan, Carrie Kao, Cheryl Lai, Chia-Hsun Tsai, Chih-Ling Chang, Chun-Chi Wang, Daniel Conway, Eric Sasono, Gregory Sporton, Hayley Scanlon, Helen Wright, Hongwei Bao, How Wee Ng, Isra Al Kassi, Jack King, James Farris, Jason Wood, Jelica Obician, Jingjing Xie, Joanna Dong, Justin Bengry, Kaushik Bhattacharya, Kuan-Ping Liu, Lenah Susianty, Marc David Jacobs, Mareike Günsche, Martha Kate Margetson, Matthew Baren, Michelle Matherson, Ming-Yi Yu, Muffin Hix, Oliver Meek, Paul Bowman, Paul Homer, Pecha Lo, Pin-Chuan Chen, Rachel Hayward, Ralph Bogard, Rosie Greatorex, Shanshan Chen, Sofia Wickerhauser, Tang-Mo Tan, Ta-Wei Chi, Tianyu Jiang, Tingting Shi, Titania Altius, Tony Chiu, Tyrone Walker-Hebborn, Victor Fan, Wenyajing Zhang, Will Fengming Dai, Xiangqi Chen, Yemaya Amadora, Yi-Chieh Chiu, Yow-Jiun Wang, Zhe-Yuan Zhang