Queer East Festival 2024
17 — 28 April
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Queer East - 17 to 28 April 2024
I Will Haunt You Forever: Queer Ghosts Across Time
Multiple origins, 1994 - 2022

Curated by
Cici Peng
Running time
85 mins
Pay What You Can
Short Form

I Will Haunt You Forever: Queer Ghosts Across Time is composed of moving-image work and archival films that examine queer spectrality. Ghosts are already queer, existing beyond any binary divisions: ghosts are something we fear, yet we are attracted to. Ghosts transgress boundaries, existing between life and death, fear and grief, in the suspension of time. Haunting and its paths can’t help but speak to the way queer people in the past have been ghosts, haunting the histories they’ve been written out of. 

The programme considers multiple interpretations of ghostliness by queer filmmakers – from bringing back the ghosts of the archive in Ghost Carnival, to All Trace is Gone, No Clamour for a Kiss and Whispering Ghosts which examine the colonial ghosts lingering in our present.

Total runtime: 85min

Ghost Carnival  

A young woman commits suicide and returns to haunt her brother in the days approaching his twentieth birthday. 

Qiu Miao-jin, Lin Hsu Wen-Er1994Taiwan35min  

Whispering Ghosts  

The film follows the whispers, poems and prophecies of a mysterious women. 

Taiki Sakpisit2008Thailand12min 


River is My Hometown 

A revenant’s return to a homeland to reconsider memory, ritual and grief. 

River Cao2021UK8min   

In Our Being  

This experimental film combines the perspectives of two queer people of colour, one from the Philippines and one from Canada, into one narrative body. 

Ghislan Sutherland-Timm, Jann Earl Q. Madariaga2011Canada, Philippines8min  

All Trace is Gone, No Clamour for a Kiss 

In a forest, two exiled individuals are about to reincarnate into the next life while intimately sharing family legends, collective histories, love tales and folklore. 

Chris Zhongtian Yuan2022UK22min 

Screening Times

Thu 25 April, 6:00 PM
Additional info

This is a pay-what-you-can event between £3 and £15. We suggest £9 as a general admission, but feel free to follow the list below to pay based on your circumstances.

How much should I pay?
£3: I am just about able to cover my everyday costs.
£6: I can cover my everyday costs, but I find it stressful occasionally.
£9: I can comfortably cover my everyday costs.
£12: Beyond my everyday costs, I have disposable income and financial security.
£15: I would like to contribute more to support the organisation’s work.

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