A Man and a Gisaeng

Shim Wu-seob
남자와 기생
South Korea

Prince Charles Cinema

26 April



In this rediscovered comedy from South Korea, a man named Tae-Ho is fired from his office job for being unmanly but is soon offered an unusual means of making money: he can work as a gisaeng, a traditional hostess and entertainer. Tae-Ho is initially hesitant to dress up as woman, but is so convincing in his newfound profession that he inadvertently becomes successful. Things become complicated, however, when he starts to receive proposals from several of his male clientsincluding Mr. Heo, the boss who fired him. Raucously funny, the film is ultimately constrained by the prevailing ideologies of the time, yet pushes at the edges of what was considered acceptable in 1969. Fully restored, A Man and a Gisaeng showcases a society in transition, and calls into question traditional views on gender and sexuality. 

Additional Information

With a pre-screening introduction by Ryu Jaewook, University of Central Lancashire.

Supported by the Westminster City Council.