Baby Girl

Rofie Nur Fauzie, Mohamad Sulaeman
14 min

The Horse Hospital

28 May



Cunenk grew up as a girl trapped in a boy’s body, and could not wait to leave her village and become a trans performer. She is respected within her community, but once in a while, steps back into her male clothes in order to fundraise for the local maternity hospital.
The film is supported by Scottish Documentary Institute and will be screening in conjunction with Xiaodi and 101 Butterflies.

Rofie Nur Fauzie, Mohamad Sulaeman

Rofie Nur Fauzie is a Film and Television graduate from the Indonesian Arts Institute in 2019. He has worked in the city of Bandung as a content creator, and directed several short films; one of them (50:50) was nominated at the Indonesian Film Festival 2019 for Best Short Documentary.

Mohamad Sulaeman was born in Jakarta in 1998. He began as a theatre director, then delved into the world of cinema when he enrolled in the film and television studies program at the Institute of Cultural Arts Indonesia, Bandung in 2017. His short films have screened at several festivals.