Gabriela Serrano

Prince Charles Cinema

20 April



Living in isolation and yearning for human connection, a woman afflicted with a dark curse develops an obsession with her new neighbors: a young couple hiding a secret of their own. As the days pass, she begins to witness happenings between them that ultimately force her to confront her monstrous nature, and perhaps even save a life in the process. Loosely based on a lost silent film by Jose Nepomuceno, Dikit reimagines classic Philippines folklore into a contemporary diptych of feminine bodies, rage, and freedom. Named one of CNN Philippines Life’s Best Filipino Films of 2021. 

Gabriela Serrano

Gabriela Serrano (b. 1996) is a director, editor, and audiovisual artist. She is interested in deeply introspective stories about the feminine identity, dreams, and class in the Philippines. DIKIT is her directorial debut. She is developing her first full-length film, a science-fiction drama set in her native Manila.