I shudder with pleasure that at last the time has come

Mari Terashima

Prince Charles Cinema

20 April



In a secluded corner of the world, there stands a chamber of sweet nectar, where the Mistress imparts the secrets of love to all who come.

This room is easily accessible to all.

But no one wants to enter it.

One day, a young man finds himself drawn to it despite better knowledge.

He has been reincarnated for thousands of years and now, finally, exists in this room at this moment.

Pain has turned into sweet love, a kind of rooted love, and through it, he becomes one with the Mother, with himself, and with the universe.

This film was produced with the great cooperation of the manga artist Milk Morizono.

I would like to thank Miss Morizono from the bottom of my heart.

Mari Terashima

Born 1965, Mari Terashima studied under film director Toshio Matsumoto at Kyoto Art College in 1985. Besides short films she also makes installations. She won the Grand Prize in the public competition category at the Image Forum Festival in 1991. Mari is an esteemed icon in the experimental film scene in Japan, and has collaborated with many well-regarded peers to make extraordinary works.