Memories of My Body (UK Premiere)

Garin Nugroho
106 min

Barbican Centre

22 April




An Indonesian dancer explores his identity when he joins a traditional Lengger dance company in Garin Nugroho’s stunning drama.

Juno, a sensitive boy living in a Javanese village, is abandoned by his father, but finds solidarity in a traditional Lengger dance troupe. The nature of the dance involves men assuming female forms, which sparks a new sense of identity in Juno, to the horror of traditional members of the community.

Beautiful dance sequences merge with a powerful journey towards acceptance of self and the beauty of the body in Nugroho’s film. The release of the film sparked controversy in Indonesia, where the director received death threats when a petition to ban the film was signed by 93,000 people.

Introduction by film critic Eric Sasono.



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Presented in partnership with Forbidden Colours, Barbican Centre.