Shorts: First Times

Rich Mix

23 April



Remember those first times in your life? This heart-warming collection of coming-of-age dramas captures those soon-to-be-lost moments in queer youth, from the excitement of first encounters and first kisses, to the pain of first breakups and the courage of first comingouts. Set amidst East and Southeast Asian cultures, these stories offer a refreshing perspective on the complexities and nuances of individual queer lives, while highlighting our shared experiences across borders, inviting us all to live young once again. 

Total Running Time: 106min 

i get so sad sometimes 

High-school teenager Jake lives in a small town in Pagadian and only hangs out with very few friends. Secretly, he develops an anonymous sexual relationship online with a faceless mature man. When the stranger promises to reveal his face the next day, Jake cannot contain his excitement.  

Trishtan Perez | Philippines | 2021 | 20min 


Swimming in the Dark 

Inseparable friends Wen-chi and Ann are teammates on the school’s swimming team. As a national competition approaches, the mounting pressure on Wen-chi creates tensions between them and strains their friendship, so Ann decides to confront her feelings towards Wen-chi. 

Chen Pin-Ru | Taiwan | 2022 | 27min 


The Voice 

A teenager records his a personal diary on a voice recorder. One day, envisioning his future self listening to this diary, he decides to come out to himself. This leads to an intimate conversation about self-acceptance. 

Maral Ayurzana | Mongolia | 2022 | 15min 


During a summer by the sea, Xiao Wu is rescued by Shuo, a lifeguard who mistakenly thought he was drowning. This encounter stirs up long-restrained desires in Xiao Wu’s heart as he finds himself unable to take his eyes off Shou. 

Wu Yi-Wei | Taiwan | 2022 | 29min 

We Were Never Really Strangers 

Gio and Miguel, two strangers, spark a strong connection in a random encounter outside a church. As their conversation deepens, they discover in each other an escape from their present selves and a source of inspiration for who they aspire to become, leading them towards a different fate. 

Patrick Pangan | Philippines | 2022| 15min