Shorts: What We Want

The Horse Hospital

24 September



A collection of short films made by female filmmakers from across the world, capturing the different stages in women’s lives as they explore newfound identities, experience sexual awakening, and fight for the right to live as they choose.

Total Runtime: 105 min

Legit Moms, Illegitimate Kid

Mota and City got married in 2019, but the two women are still not allowed to have their own child and become mothers. This documentary follows them as they refuse to back down, and embark on a 424-day journey full of physical and psychological challenges.

Dir Michelle Chu | Taiwan | 2020 | 19 min


In post-war Japan, Tsuyako lives a demanding life as a mill factory worker, obedient wife, and loving mother. But the visit of an old lover, Yoshie, reignites old passions and she must choose between her duties and the promise of freedom.

Dir HIKARI | Japan, USA | 2011 | 24 min

We Outlaws

China in the early 1990s. By day, Chen Shi is a man employed in a textile workshop. At night, she is a woman in a red dress. One evening, she falls in love with a man she meets at a dance hall.

Dir Kai-Xuan Wang | China | 2019 | 33 min


Ya-Ting wants to change her name because she considers it too feminine. She seeks help from her best friend Jia-Hao, but interrupts his one-night stand with a guy he met online.

Dir Chun-Yu Chung, De-Gao Hong | Taiwan | 2019 | 29 min

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