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17 — 28 April
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A Distant Place
South Korea, 2020

Directed by
Park Kun-young
Running time
119 min mins
After settling down at a sheep ranch in rural Hwacheon five years ago, Jin-woo has been raising his niece Seol as if she was his own daughter. His same-sex partner Hyun-min arrives from the city to teach poetry, and for a while, they live happily together, although publicly concealing their relationship. But one day, Jin-woo’s sister Eun-young, the wayward birth mother of Seol, arrives at their doorstep and insists on taking the child with her. Jin-woo’s quiet existence is now threatened as he is faced with the breakup of his alternative family – but his sister’s actions also force Jin-woo to confront the deception that has characterised his daily existence. A Distant Place is a searing drama about the enduring power of prejudice, and the impossibility of escaping one’s past and identity.
With a pre-recorded introduction by Jinhee Choi, King’s College London.

Director Bio

Born in 1984, Park Kun-young studied literature at university, and film directing at graduate school. He has directed the short films Swing (2013), Post (2014), and Silent Boy (2015). The latter received an award at Jeonbuk Independent Film Festival in 2015 and screened at the Jeonju International Film Festival and the Taiwan International Children’s Film Festival in 2016. His first feature film was To My River (2018).

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