Queer East Festival 2024
17 — 28 April
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A.I. Mama
US, 2020

Artists' Moving Image,
Directed by
Asuka Lin
Running time
5 min mins
A.I. Mama is a post-cyberpunk short featuring Kei, a young programmer who attempts to resurrect their lost mother by coding an A.I. that can input childhood memories. Shot handheld on raw black & white Super 8, this frenetic 5 minute live action + animation crescendos into a cathartic collapse of the binaries of mother and child, creator and creation.

Director Bio

Asuka Lin is a Japanese-Taiwanese non-binary filmmaker living and growing in Los Angeles. Using elements of fantasy and sci-fi in their short films + music videos, Asuka experiments with ideas encompassing diaspora, trauma, and memory.

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