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17 — 28 April
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About Us But Not About Us (UK Premiere)
Philippines, 2022

Feature, UK Premiere,
Directed by
Jun Robles Lana
Running time
91 mins

In this experimental mystery-drama from the Philippines, literature student Lance has dinner with his university professor Eric, who is gay and coming to terms with the recent death of his partner. Their trip to a restaurant in Manila begins innocuously enough, with the enthusiastic Lance gratefully acknowledging his mentor’s help and encouragement. But as disturbing revelations about the past begin to emerge, the encounter evolves into a venomous battle of wills. Romnick Sarmenta and Elijah Canlas are outstanding in this tense, claustrophobic work about false narratives, distorted memories, and the masks we wear in order to project an image to others. Shooting largely in one location, director Jun Robles Lana exploits Covid-19 restrictions to dramatic effect, with the film playing out in real time over a restaurant sitting of 90 minutes. 

Director Bio

Jun Robles Lana is a playwright, screenwriter, producer and director. His film Bwakaw (2012) received acclaim on the festival circuit, and his subsequent films have won various accolades internationally. He recently directed the first Filipino Amazon Original movie, Ten Little Mistresses (2023). 


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