Queer East Festival 2024
17 — 28 April
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Bye Bye Love (50th Anniversary)
Japan, 1974

Directed by
Isao Fujisawa
Running time
85 mins

Until the 2018 discovery of a film negative in a warehouse, Bye Bye Love was long considered lost: a new print gives audiences a rare chance to revisit this radical work from 1974. Following two young people, Utamaro and Giko, on a doomed summer road trip through Japan, Isao Fujisawa’s poetic, surreal work reflects on the dissipating promise of 1960s counterculture and free love. The film is stylistically influenced by the French New Wave and American New Cinema, notably Jean-Luc Godard and Arthur Penn. Yet the main character’s name – Utamaro – also suggests a rethinking of Japanese artistic traditions, especially male perspectives on feminine beauty. Here, romantic love transcends gender, sexuality, and even the body; a queer challenge to conventional understandings of relationships that adds to the political charge of this rediscovered classic.  


Sun 28 April, 5:10 PM
Event Past
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With a recorded introduction from director Isao Fujisawa. 

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