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Ex Nilalang: From Creature ~ From Creation (Ep.4)
Australia, 2017

Artists' Moving Image,
Directed by
Club Ate (Justin Shoulder & Bhenji Ra)
Running time
14 min mins
Ex Nilalang by collective Club Ate (Justin Shoulder & Bhenji Ra) is a body of work that uses myth as a form to explore the intersections of queer identities of the Filipino diaspora.  Nilalang has a hybrid meaning ‘to create’ and also meaning ‘creature’ — This emphasizes the nature of the work being both a transformation of existing mythologies and also the imagining of future folklore.

Director Bio

Club Ate is a collective formed in 2014 by multi-form artists Justin Shoulder and Bhenji Ra. Their practice traverses video, performance and club events with an emphasis on community activation. Collaborating with members of the queer Asia Pacific diaspora in Australia and the Philippines, the collective are invested in creating their own Future Folklore: a language that merges ancient knowledge with contemporary practice.

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