Queer East Festival 2024
17 — 28 April
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Queer East - 17 to 28 April 2024
High Hands Small Hands
Multiple origins, 2018 - 2024

Expanded, Pay What You Can,
Curated by
Bart Seng Wen Long
Running time
90 mins

Part screening event, part immersive bondage endurance test, this licentious line-up of films is most appropriately experienced in the discomfort of rope restraints. Side effects may include rope burns, and also finding out that all things under heaven are inextricably and disconcertingly tied up in each other. The former stings but the latter would injure you permanently. Don’t let this wound heal, may it impart to you the sneaky ability of sensing from a subordinated position. Doing so would not only startle the freedom/subjugation dichotomy, but could also, if your lucky stars align, lead to the hallowed arrangement of ‘topping from the bottom’. There’s something sexy to be found beyond rights and evils, but first you have to resist resisting. 

This event will run parallel with a rope performance, that is an opportunity for some audience members to participate. 18+ only. Find out more below.

Total runtime: 90min

Dream Catcher 

Rapunzel’s sweet dream brings chaos into the world. 

Fuyuhiko Takata | Japan | 2018 | 5min


During a lunch break in a furniture store, a sadomasochistic stand-off unfolds between a boss and her employee. 

Joon Goh | Malaysia | 2023 | 9min

There’s No Sex, Only Fans 

College student A-hsien meets porn star Hsuan in a hotel. 

Chi-Wen Ting | Taiwan | 2023 | 19min


This is the reminiscence of two souls, narrating in memory their own truths and fantasies of their stories together. 

E8 and Janice Kei | Hong Kong, UK | 2024 | 4min

glide by LILY CHOU-CHOU 

A rubber gimp and its warden exchange their favourite YouTube recommendations.

Bart Seng Wen Long | UK | 2024 | 6min

Pteridophilia 3 

Connecting queer plants and queer people, Pteridophilia explores eco-queer potential. 

Zheng Bo | Maokong | 2018 | 15min


After a person commits suicide in bed, a doppelgänger turns the body into an art installation.

Caviar to the General | UK | 2021 | 12min

There are two types of tickets for this event. You can purchase a Pay What You Can Ticket to be a standard audience, or there is an option of a Participant Ticket in which gives you a chance to interact with the performer as an active participant.

Performance Consent Conditions for Participant Ticket Holders

Audience members can sign up to be a part of the rope performance that runs parallel to the duration of the screening. Please be conscious that by participating in this performance, you are consenting to being in some form of light bondage and close proximity to others for an extended length of time, as well as any risks that may arise from that state.

We will organise a pre-event briefing for all participants of the performance, where you will be briefed on safety measures and potential hazards that involve your person and property during the performance. You will be expected to sign an indemnity form that covers the liability of the festival, venue, organisers and performer(s).


Sat 27 April, 6:30 PM
Event Past
Additional info

This is a pay-what-you-can event between £3 and £15. We suggest £9 as a general admission, but feel free to follow the list below to pay based on your circumstances.

How much should I pay?
£3: I am just about able to cover my everyday costs.
£6: I can cover my everyday costs, but I find it stressful occasionally.
£9: I can comfortably cover my everyday costs.
£12: Beyond my everyday costs, I have disposable income and financial security.
£15: I would like to contribute more to support the organisation’s work.

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