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I Told Sunset About You
Thailand, 2020

Episodic Series, Focus Thailand,
Directed by
Naruebet Kuno
Running time
5 Episodes mins
In the wind and sunshine of Phuket, high school friends Teh and Oh-aew meet again, at a tutoring school where they are preparing for a university admissions exam. They share the dream of entering the same faculty, but as they rekindle their friendship and rivalry, the pair begin to realize they have feelings for one another. I Told Sunset About You is an acclaimed miniseries that draws on the popularity of the Boys Love formula. But the series transcends the genre in its complex portrayal of sexuality, showing the subtle ways in which Teh and Oh-aew’s relationship changes over time. The production value is unusually high for a Boys Love series; the stunning cinematography perfectly captures the mood and tone of the story, lending further weight to the accomplished performances of the lead actors. Demonstrating the hidden scope of a genre that is often dismissed by critics, I Told Sunset About You is a captivating testament to the purity of teenage love.

Director Bio

Naruebet Kuno, nicknamed Boss, is a Thai director best known for his work with GDH 559 and Nadao Bangkok. Naruebet was a co-writer and co-director on the popular TV series Hormones, and directed an episode of the series Project S. Naruebet also created Side by Side, a well-received drama about an autistic teen playing competitive badminton with his cousin, and went on to direct the 2019 series My Ambulance and I Told Sunset About You in 2020.

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