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17 — 28 April
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Miss Andy (UK Premiere)
Taiwan, 2020

Feature, Focus Taiwan, UK Premiere,
Directed by
Teddy Chin
Running time
108 min mins

Miss Andy tells the story of Evon, formerly known as Andy, a transgender woman living in Malaysia. Transitioning late in life after losing a wife, job, and family, she is subjected to prejudice in a society that restricts LGBTQ+ freedoms. Evon’s life seems bleak until she has a chance encounter with an illegal migrant worker and her son, who are on the run with nowhere to go, and nobody to care for them. Evon offers them a place to stay, and her friendship with the pair slowly brings about change in her life, as she gains the confidence to begin trusting other people. Teddy Chin’s powerful, melancholy film features an outstanding performance by Lee-Zen Lee, and confirms the importance of small acts of kindness.

Introduction by Christopher Brown, University of Sussex.

Director Bio

Teddy Chin is a Malaysian director, actor and screenwriter. His short film Mr. Almost Right (2017) screened at Cannes in the Short Film Corner, and in 2018 he directed his first feature, In My Heart.

Additional info

With support from the Ministry of Culture, Taiwan.


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