Queer East Festival 2024
17 — 28 April
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Take Me Home (UK Premiere)
South Korea, 2020

Feature, UK Premiere,
Directed by
Han Jay
Running time
99 min mins
Eunsu and Yewon are a same-sex couple who live together. Their lives are happy and uneventful until one day, Eunsu meets up with her sister Eunhye and the pair are involved in a serious car accident. Hearing the devastating news, Yewon rushes to the hospital, and outside the operating theatre meets a young girl called Sumin, Eunhye’s daughter. After a long operation, Eunsu survives but is left paralyzed below the waist. Eunhye, however, dies from her injuries, and as she was a single parent, Sumin has nowhere to turn except Eunsu and Yewon. As they return home, Yewon finds herself taking on responsibility for the child’s welfare, while simultaneously caring for Eunsu, a situation that tests the couple’s relationship to its limits. Director Han Jay’s moving drama is a powerful testament to resilience against the odds.
Edinburgh: With a pre-screening introduction by Dr Youngmi Kim, University of Edinburgh.


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