Queer East Festival 2024
17 — 28 April
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China, 2021

Documentary, Q&A, Short Form,
Directed by
Junmi Chen, Guo Gao
Running time
45 min mins
On the 17th birthday of transgender girl Huang Xiaodi, the whole family gathered to celebrate her birthday. After dinner, her parents asked her to get in the car, so that they could take her to buy a birthday present. However, what awaited her was not a shop, but an institution on Gele Mountain in Chongqing. Xiaodi’s parents believed that sending her there would help convert Xiaodi, and turn her into a ‘normal’ boy. But in the face of violence and humiliation, Xiaodi hardened her resolve, and waited for a chance to escape. This gripping, uncomfortable documentary features interviews with Xiaodi, who recounts first-hand her traumatic experiences, as well as her mother, who discusses her motivations and changing perspective on questions of gender.
Screening in conjunction with 101 Butterflies and Baby Girl and presented in partnership with Video Consortium.

Director Bio

Chen Junmi lives in Beijing. He is concerned about the situation of young LGBT people and uses film to promote anti-bullying and to prevent suicides amongst LGBT teenagers. Xiaodi is his first documentary.

Gao Guo is a queer artist born in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province in 1997. He graduated from the Engraving Department of Xian Academy of Fine Arts in 2019 and after graduation, worked as a choreographer and director. He now lives in Chaoyang, Beijing. Xiaodi is his first documentary.

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