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17 — 28 April
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Yes or No
Thailand, 2010

Feature, Focus Thailand,
Directed by
Saratsawadee Wongsomphet
Running time
111 min mins
The first lesbian-themed film to achieve mainstream success in Thailand, Yes or No is a comedy about two university roommates. Pie comes from a conservative family and is shocked when she arrives at a Bangkok university and has to share a room with Kim, who openly adopts conventionally masculine behaviour. The disgusted Pie responds by marking a boundary line across their room with red tape, to ensure that the pair occupy separate spaces. The easy-going Kim is perplexed by this antagonistic behaviour, and the two women keep their distance. But soon, Pie finds herself falling for Kim’s charms. Director Saratsawadee Wongsomphet draws on romantic comedy tropes to challenge popular Thai understandings of gender and sexuality, offering an entertaining perspective on serious issues such as discrimination and the difficulties faced by those commencing same-sex relationships.


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