Between the Seasons (UK Premiere)

Jun-Sik Kim
South Korea
98 min

Lexi Cinema

21 April




The reserved Hae-Soo (Young-Zin Rie) starts a new life, moving from Seoul to a new city and taking ownership of a small café. A high-school student, Ye-Jin (Hye-Ri Yoon), becomes a regular customer and eventually starts working there on a part-time basis. Fate pushes the two women together, and a friendship develops that brings a spark of life back to Hae-Soo. However, it soon becomes clear that they both have their secrets, which they guard carefully. Displaying a sensitive touch, Jun-Sik Kim’s debut feature avoids melodrama and gently develops the emotional lives of the two women, slowly blossoming into a thoughtful, touching reflection on gender, sexuality and self-acceptance.



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