My Dear Friend (UK Premiere)

Ping-Dao Yang
106 min

Curzon Hoxton

18 September



A young woman named Jing-Jing drives from the city to search for her boyfriend in his hometown. Instead, she encounters his grandparents, Shui-Mu and A-Fang, who live in a remote rural village. By accident, Jing-Jing unearths a mysterious relationship that has lasted for sixty years: Shui-Mu has a secret friend called Zhong-Sheng, who is mute and has lost all memory of his childhood. Jing-Jing agrees to help find Zhong-Sheng’s true identity, which takes them on a foggy road trip to another village 300km away, and on a journey into the past. My Dear Friend is director Ping-Dao Yang’s debut fiction feature, and a powerful portrayal of a lasting bond of love and friendship.

Ping-Dao Yang

Ping-Dao Yang is a director, screenwriter and novelist who graduated from the National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts. His documentary The River of Life won several international awards and My Dear Friend is his debut fiction feature.

Additional Information

Presented & Produced by Story Farm Productions

Co-Presented by Nanjing Rolling Joy Media, Joker & Joker Pictures, Lumieria Pictures, Shenzhen Dunhua Culture Communication, Starry Whale Sea (Beijing) Culture CO,.LTD., Fortune All Asia – Pacific Entertainment (Shanghai) Co.,LTD

Presenter Long Miaoyuan

Co-Presenters Xu Yinan, Tan Huijie, Shi Hongxia, Zhu Qin, Dai Yan

Producer Long Miaoyuan

Co-Producer Hu Mengchu, Liang Hanyin

Executive Producer/Editor Lin Xudong

Executive Producer/Art Consultant Zhang Xianmin

Director of Photography Long Miaoyuan

Line Producer Zhong Qiumeng

Sound Designer Liu Qi

Original Music Dickson Dee (CASH, Hong Kong)