Nobody (UK Premiere)

Chun-Hua Lin
83 min

30 Oct – 05 Nov

Taiwan Film Festival Edinburgh

Taiwan Film Festival Edinburgh

Director Chun-Hua Lin’s debut feature reveals the story of an elderly transsexual character, rarely explored in LGBTQ+ cinema. Zhen-zhen breaks into the apartment of a strange old man, intending to spy on her father, who is having an affair in the building opposite. The old man ritually takes rides on the city’s buses, spitting onto the floor for no apparent reason, which results in trouble with the drivers and police. As Zhen-zhen begins to visit more frequently, the neighbours start to gossip. But as the pair’s friendship develops, Zhen-zhen learns about the secret past that the man has sought to conceal.

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Presented in partnership with Taiwan Film Festival Edinburgh.

With support from the Ministry of Culture, Taiwan.