Number 1 (UK Premiere)

Kuo-Sin Ong
98 min

Genesis Cinema

18 September



Number 1 is a heart-warming musical comedy about Chee-Beng Chow, a middle-aged white-collar worker who is made redundant. Struggling to find a job to support his family, Chee-Beng reluctantly takes employment as a manager at ‘Number One’, a popular drag club. Soon, Chee-Beng is roped into dressing up and joining the drag queens on stage. But to everyone’s surprise, Chee-Beng is a natural. His performance wows the audience, and he instantly becomes the club’s biggest sensation – something he is desperate to conceal from his wife and son. Offering a rare glimpse into queer communities in Singapore, Number 1 features a hilarious and touching performance by Mark Lee as the reserved family man whose talents begin to flourish as he develops a bond with his fellow drag queens.

Kuo-Sin Ong

Kuo-Sin Ong is a veteran film and TV director from Singapore. Working mostly in TV, Ong directed his first feature film Judgement Day in 2012. He also directed the road trip musical One Headlight, and co-directed Time is Money with Taiwanese entertainer Kang Kang.