Sisterhood (UK Premiere) + Director Q&A

Tracy Choi
Hong Kong / Macao / Taiwan
97 min

Barbican Centre

24 April




A woman returns to Macau and looks back at the intense relationship she had with a massage parlour colleague in Tracy Choi’s haunting melodrama.

Macau-raised orphan Sei returns to her birthplace after 15 years in Taiwan, still guilt-ridden after the abrupt break-up of her relationship with her best friend Ling. Sei revisits her past and slowly realises that the emotions Ling felt for her may have been romantic.

Choi adeptly mirrors the complex relationship between the two women with the handover of Macau back to China. All the performances in this female-focused drama are excellent, especially from Malaysian-born Fish Liew as Sei. Choi’s film won the audience award at the Inside Out Toronto LGBT Film Festival.

Followed by a ScreenTalk with director Tracy Choi.



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Presented in partnership with Forbidden Colours, Barbican Centre.