Jun Li
Hong Kong
119 min

Lexi Cinema

18 April




This pioneering transgender drama from Hong Kong tells the story of 51-year-old Tung Tai-hung (Philip Keung), who seems to be living an ideal life, with both a successful business and a doting wife, Anne (Kara Wai). But after being notified of a school friend’s sudden death and reuniting with an old pal, Brother Darling (Ben Yuen), a veteran Cantonese opera actor who specialises in playing female roles, Tung’s past resurfaces. He is confronted with his deepest secret: that he is, in fact, a woman trapped in a man’s body. Caught between his duties as a family man and his innermost desires, he struggles to determine the right thing to do. Jun Li’s multi-award-winning debut feature tells a powerful story of identity and acceptance.

Introduction by How Wee Ng, University of Westminster.



Additional Information

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Presented in partnership with Chinese Visual Festival.